Audio Visual Services: Audio Visual Services (AVS) provides equipment, training, and technicians for regularly scheduled classes, conferences and events. This section of the OID website will allow you to find out what equipment is already installed in your classroom, access online tutorials for how to use classroom technology, and order additional equipment.

Instructional Media Collections and Services (IMCS): IMCS, located in Powell Library, houses a collection of over 8,000 videotapes, laserdiscs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, films and slide/tape modules. Media in the collection can be viewed by your students in the Instructional Media Lab, checked out for classroom use, or digitized and added to your course website so students can access media from home.

TA Conference: OID hosts an annual campuswide Teaching Assistant conference. Topics such as evaluating students, meeting your class for the first time, motivating students, and conducting office hours are addressed through a variety of workshops. 

TA Mini-Grants: OID offer TA mini-grants that can used for such things as guest speaker honoraria, field trips, and instructional media. TAs may apply for mini-grants in amounts up to $250 per academic year. Application forms are available at the OID office as well as through the Gender Studies office.

teach2write: The teach2write website was designed to help instructors, in particular TAs, prepare themselves to become more effective in teaching writing to UCLA students. The website contains valuable information on clarifying writing assignments for your students, giving your students feedback on their writing, grading, dealing with plagiarism, etc. The website also contains a wealth of useful handouts to assist you with your teaching.

Test Scoring Services: Assists instructors by grading scantron-based exams and generating grade reports. If you are a TA, you may be asked by the instructor to facilitate the grading process by making an appointment with Test Scoring Services, dropping off exams, and picking up graded exams.

SOCIAL SCIENCE COMPUTING (SSC): SSC assists students, staff, and faculty within the Social Sciences Division with computing needs. SSC hosts and manages class web sites and provides an array of resources for meeting the online needs of students and faculty. Through class websites, instructors can post the course syllabus, announcements, readings, and even utilize discussion boards. In addition to general course websites, TAs can create their own websites for their discussion sections. The ClassWeb software is easy to use and requires no prior web experience.

Information Literacy Resources for Faculty and TAs: Check out the wide range of services available for you and your students.

Course Reserves: Information on how to place materials on reserve through campus libraries.

  Preventing Plagiarism: Helpful resources for instructors on how to prevent, detect, and handle plagiarism.

Covel Tutorials: Located in the Covel Commons, Covel Tutorials provides a variety of tutoring services to students. The Composition Lab is staffed by trained undergraduate peer tutors and assists students at any stage of the writing process, from generating and organizing ideas to polishing final drafts. They can also help students strengthen essay exam skills and improve reading comprehension and efficiency. Covel Tutorials also offers ESL tutoring. Tutoring for both the Composition Lab and ESL is available via appointment or on a limited drop-in basis.

Counseling and Psychological Services - Information for Faculty and Staff: As a TA or an instructor, it is important to be familiar with the psychological resources that are available to the student population at UCLA. This site explains the services that are available to students, how to recognize a student in distress, and how to refer a student to psychological services.

The LGBT Campus Resource Center and the Center for Women and Men also provide counseling services.

Teaching Students with Disabilities: A guide for faculty from the Office for Students with Disabilities. Contains helpful information on campus resources available to students with disabilities and how you, as an instructor, can best utilize these resources on behalf of your student.

UCLA Sexual Harassment Prevention Office: Website contains information on laws governing sexual harassment, UCLA policy, advice for staff and faculty, and resources available to the UCLA community.